Debut single "Charm of Silence"


Egon Bacøn [what is all this fuss about?]


British/Dutch  band founded in  2017 in London.  

[during second last gig of #Exivious, when Egon Hagan Bacøn met Tymon Kruidenier] 

Kind of worldwide art conglomerate, combining music genres, visual art, contemporary art and many more.

A key platform to most band’s actions is to effect ingrained, cultural/religious boundaries through the launch of “Art Critical Mass “(whatever it means.)

At this moment, after warm reception of debut single "#charmofsilence",  alongside with their second single “#oddparity” –band's making all necessary/unnecessary preparations to start work on the rest of debut album – “#shoeboxtales” in February 2020.


Band members/friends/family

          Egon Bacøn are:

       Egon Bacøn - vocals,flutes, keys,production, etc.
      Robin Zielhorst - basses
      Jasper Barendregt - drums
     Tymon Kruidenier - production/mix/master, guitars

      Maga Shizuko- graphics, cello, good mood activator